May 17, 2019

The Fun way to spend the Summer

With one season drawing to a close another begins.
Our Tag Season commences Thursday June 6th at Shay Murtagh Park and continues throughout the Summer.
We are always on the look out for new stars 16 to 60 to participate in the biggest and best Social/Fun event on the Summer Calendar.
We welcome new teams to our Tag family every season and extend an invitation to you and your teammates to join us.

TAG is for everyone 16+
You don’t have to be attached to a team we will happily accommodate you onto existing teams who’ll be more than happy to welcome you onboard.

There’s so many reasons to play Tag (a sport that can be picked up in one evening by the way) such as keeping fit, the craic we have, the burgers (No one does a better than Conall) the bar (Liz as always will be delighted to cool you down with everything from iced water to your favourite tipple)
the music (Dec on the Decks) Our Parties but most importantly the chance to make lots of new friends.
All you need to know is just a simple call away
086 189 3131 (Monday-Friday)
Join our Group


1. It's an all-inclusive pursuit
Tag rugby is open to everyone: men, women, old and young (16+). You play in mixed teams of seven-a-side which just makes it even more fun.
So however your friendship group is configured, you can set up a team or join one of our established teams and start playing straight away.
Even better, the rules are easy to grasp, and you’ll pick up the required skills as you go.

2. You probably won't get injured
Take part in any pastime that involves legging it across a field with seven people in hot pursuit and you run the risk of getting injured. But because tag rugby is resolutely non-contact, it’s much less physical than either rugby or other traditional ball sports.

3. It'll keep you fit
Don’t be fooled: despite its lack of physical danger, tag rugby is extremely energetic. Indeed, because it relies more on skill than brute force, it’s a game where speed, precision passing and tactics come to the fore. That will keep your body in good shape and your mind honed. So no matter your starting point you will end the Summer in great shape.

4. You get to hang out with your mates
Tag rugby is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and the Mullingar Rugby Club Tag Championship is top of the list. If you set up a team with your friends, you’ll have the perfect excuse to get together once or twice a week to practise or play matches.
Some of these sessions could be rounded off with a post-exercise pint or two. After all, it’d be rude not to.

5. You can have so much fun and enjoy the craic
Throughout the Summer in addition to the Tag rugby, there’s the social side too.
Food, Full Bar facilities, and special party nights such as our now established TAG FANCY DRESS party at the Park makes it even better than your average run of the mill Summer pastime.

If but one of these reasons catches your eye, call us today - 086 189 3131 - and we'll get you started.

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