Mullingar Rugby Club provides rugby for boys and girls, men and women from ages 6 to 40ish and in addition we are undertaking to build a community for indviduals of all ages that enhances the social fabric of our surrounding area because amateur sport is not about winning on the field but about building friendships, support networks and finding life balance. 
To do all this we need volunteers, at present we are trying to spread our volunteer network as "Many hands make light work" and also to ensure that our volunteers enjoy their experience. We are always looking for volunteers across a range of roles and if you feel that you can help in any way we would be glad to talk to you. At the moment we have a number of specific roles that we are trying to file ahead of the coming season:
Affiliate Referees;
Affiliate referees are club based referees that are allowed to referees match that their club is taking part in where a Leinster Branch referee is not appointed. At the moment there is a shortage of Branch Referees available which means our U13s, U14's and our girls teams are regularly left without referees. All applicants will be sent on a 2.5 hour training course and be required to complete a World Rugby online concussion module (takes about 30 minutes) before commencing refereeing. If a Leinster Branch referee is not available you will be contacted by a club official to see if you can referee - all youth matches are on Saturday afternoon.
We are always looking for coaches at all levels regardless of your rugby experience and the amount of time you can allocate. Our mini's (6 to 12 year olds) train for an hour on Saturday or our youth teams train twice a week during the week and play on Saturday. We match you to the most appropriate team based on your experience and availability levels. We will also ensure that you receive appropriate training via Leinster Branch courses and our own internal workshops. 
First Aiders;
We ensure that all our youth teams have a first aider available on match day and we are running a training course provisionally booked for 26th August. We are also looking for an individual to coordinate our first aiders and ensure that they have appropriate equipment etc.
Contact -
Anthony Doolan - 086 195 4213