Under 14 Girls Triumph in an Inspiring Victory

November 13, 2023

In a remarkable display of skill and teamwork, the Under 14 Blues secured a decisive 49-17 victory against De La Wes, showcasing a level of performance that speaks volumes about the future of rugby in Mullingar. The squad, mainly comprising players eligible for the same age group next year, demonstrated exceptional improvement, a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Led by the spirited Lily Tyrrell, the team set the tone for the game right from the start. Tyrrell's leadership on the field was pivotal in orchestrating the team's strategy and maintaining their momentum. The first half saw the Blues creating a significant lead, thanks in large part to the powerful runs by Sarah Gallagher. Gallagher's determination and agility paved the way for several scoring opportunities, which the team capitalized on efficiently.

Another standout performer was Mia Lambden, who was rightly named the player of the match. Lambden's dynamic play and tactical acumen were crucial in both offense and defense, contributing significantly to the team's overall performance.

One of the highlights of the match was the defensive prowess shown by Jessica Nolan. Her try-saving tackles were not just technically proficient but also came at crucial moments, keeping the Blues comfortably ahead in the game. Nolan's ability to read the game and make timely interventions was a key factor in preventing De La Wes from gaining momentum.

The second half of the game was more evenly contested, but the Blues' superior rucking skills and teamwork shone through. The entire squad displayed excellent rucking technique, winning crucial possessions and setting up attacking platforms. This collective effort in the rucks was a cornerstone of their strategy and played a significant role in their victory.

Holly Shortt's solo try was a highlight, showcasing not just individual brilliance but also the high skill level of the team. Shortt's effort epitomized the spirit of the team – determined, skillful, and always striving for excellence.

This victory is not just a testament to the talent in the team but also to the coaching staff's ability to nurture and develop young players. It's incredibly encouraging to see such progress in a short period, setting a bright future for the Under 14 Blues squad. As these young athletes continue to grow and develop their skills, they are not just winning matches but also inspiring the next generation of rugby players in Mullingar.


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