U16 Girls are Leinster Champions

May 06, 2024

In an emotional rollercoaster of a match, the u16 girls rugby teams from Mullingar and Rhinos

displayed exceptional skill and determination, leaving everything on the field in a game that was

about more than just the score.

The match began with a palpable tension, as both teams knew the stakes were high. Mullingar

took an early lead, setting the pace with a display of tactical finesse and teamwork. Their strategy

was clear, and their execution, flawless. The Rhinos, undeterred by the early setback, rallied with

heart and grit, their resolve unshaken as they clawed back into the game.

The second half was a mirror of the first, with both teams trading blows in a back-and-forth

battle that had the spectators on the edge of their seats. Mullingar’s defence was resolute, their

attack, incisive. The Rhinos matched them with an equally impressive display of skill and

determination, their efforts culminating in points that kept the outcome uncertain until the final


As the match drew to a close, it was Mullingar who emerged victorious, the scoreboard reading

20 to 12. The victory was hard-earned, a result of unwavering team spirit and a relentless pursuit

of excellence. The Rhinos, though not victorious, were gallant in defeat, their performance a

testament to their character and the ethos of the sport.

The final whistle marked the end of a contest that was less about winning or losing and more

about the celebration of rugby and the values it stands for. The match was a showcase of the

potential and promise of the sport’s future, embodied by the young athletes who played not just

with skill, but with an unflinching determination.

The u16 girls team has achieved the extraordinary feat of completing a league and cup double.

The journey to this momentous achievement was paved with determination, teamwork, and an

unwavering spirit that saw the Mullingar girls overcome every challenge that came their way.

Their victory in the league final was a display of their competitive spirit and talent, which they

carried into the cup final with the same fervour and passion.

This league and cup double is a testament to the fantastic group of young women, their coaches

who have guided them through the season, and the supporters who have cheered them on every

step of the way. It’s a wonderful achievement that speaks volumes of the bright future of

women’s rugby and the potential of these young athletes.

Congratulations to Mullingar on their well-deserved success, a true reflection of their leadership,

skill, and the indomitable will to win.

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